JANUARY 30, 2022

Read the European Tryouts Experience from our players!

Connor Evans:

“My trip to Croatia was amazing. I loved exploring the city of Zagreb, and the level of football was very high. We trained twice a day, and all of the trainings were very high intensity and fast paced.

We were expected to show up 30 minutes before practice started. Almost every single drill we did worked on our technical ability and ball mastery. The players there were very skillful and had completely mastered the fundamentals. Their fields were beautiful, and their stadium was amazing.

One thing that I really liked about Zagreb was that everything was very close to each other. My apartment was around 1 mile away from the fields and from the center of the city, so I walked almost everywhere. It was an amazing experience, and I am thankful to Romeo Jozak, Matej, GNK Dinamo, Lesh, and Blast FC for this amazing opportunity.”

Ryko Bodurov:

“My overall experience in Croatia has been amazing. I loved exploring the beautiful city of Zagreb. My highlight of the city was visiting the historic architecture.

Training with Dinamo Academy was an experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I loved the play-style; fast, technical, and competitive.”

Henry Hutchinson:

“The experience with the Dinamo academy was unreal.

The level of play was high, and all the players were very technical. The speed of play was quick, and the players were big and strong. The drills we did were always productive and translated into the style of play at Dinamo.

One thing I noticed is that the academy really values the fundamentals. All of the players had mastered their first touch and one touch play so they can move the ball extremely fast. Overall, it was a great experience!”


Our players have the precious experience of playing in a professional environment and have the guidelines on how to improve and become a better soccer player.

Blast FC will continue providing opportunities like these to our players so they get the chance to experience the European style of soccer.

Go Blast!

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