Blast FC Soccer Academy is seeking soccer players looking to improve their skills and prepare themselves for the bigger, more competitive games

Introducing the “Player Development” tryout sessions held under the supervision of expert Blast FC Academy coaches to identify player’s strengths, weaknesses and help them improve as a player.

The overall assessment of each player individually allows us to give them training that further enhances their core strengths and helps them overcome their weaknesses…

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Once your player goes through our coaching process, they’ll blossom into soccer players who have a solid technique and an even better reading of the game…

That’s the promise we leave you with.

We implement the European style of soccer throughout the development phase to ensure that your child comes out as a tactically and technically sound soccer player…

Now, what do you think?

  • Wouldn’t that improve your player’s skills?
  • Wouldn’t that prepare them for challenges?
  • Wouldn’t that make them strong enough to decide at the crunch moments, not just in a soccer game but in life as well?

Of course, it will and that is our goal…


Players MUST REGISTER prior to showing up on November 11th.

Players are required to wear soccer and weather appropriate clothing, shin guards and a pair of cleats.  Please bring a ball and water with you to your sessions.

Location of the supplemental tryouts:

Big Walnut Middle School Stadium

555 Old 3C Road

Sunbury, Ohio 43074

We have tryouts for boys and girls age groups U7 (2017) – U18 (2006).

3 categories for 3 Age groups

We currently offer three categories for three unique age groups. We’ve planned different skill training and tactics for each age group with the purpose to prepare them step-by-step, so we can drill down the basics and prepare them for the forthcoming challenges.

Category 1

Player Development Coordination Stage (U7 – U10)

In this stage, we initially let players play and enjoy freely, and build their unique identity. This allows us to identify individual talent and creativity so we can develop them as they grow.
We further subcategorize for effectiveness…

For U7 (2017)

Dribbling, receiving, passing, shooting, create a level of motivation and exercises with the shooting

Training Focus:

  • Dribbling, receiving, passing, shooting, create a level of motivation and exercises with the shooting.
  • 1v1 2v2 4v4 – 3 trainings
  • There are no tryouts for this age group, you only need to register

For U8 (2016)

Players will focus on coordination and basic techniques, play small-sided games, and develop love and fun for the game.

Training Focus:

  • Ball handling, dribbling, passing and receiving, shooting, and defense techniques.
  • 1v1 2v2 4v4 6v6+GK

For U9 (2015) – U10 (2014)

Players will begin intermediate training by focusing on improving technique, shooting, intensity, passing, and receiving/short long balls. They will be introduced to tactics through small-sided games.

Training Focus:

  • Technical/ tactical elements, individual and group tactics, improving one’s game through dribbling,
  • Fakes, feints, passing both short and long receiving, ball handling, and defense techniques
  • Fakes, feints, passing both short and long receiving, ball handling, and defense techniques

U7 (2017) – U10 (2014)

Address: 555 Old 3C Road, Sunbury, Ohio 43074


                               Saturday,  November 11                       
                           2017-2014 BOYS & GIRLS 12:30 PM 
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Category 2

Cognitive Stage (U11 – U12 – U13 – U14)

During the Cognitive Stage, coaches have a very important role as they seek to understand each individual player and build on the basic skills learned in the Coordination Stage. Coaches teach the game through concepts and fundamentals so each player learns to make wise decisions at crunch moments and develops an overall concept of the game.

This stage is also known as the Golden Age for Soccer Learning

This becomes an essential age for the adult game. Players will focus on perfecting technique, slowly introducing higher fitness levels, and in-game decision-making. Each player will learn to dominate the ball and not allow the ball to dominate them instead. This is the key to the formation of a soccer player. Plus, we hammer home the concept that makes them think “Only If I understand the game, I make better decisions and if I make better decisions, I’ll be more valuable.” The reason for that is exercises without applying decision-making concepts have little impact in developing the player.

U11 (2013) – U14 (2010)

Address: 555 Old 3C Road, Sunbury, Ohio 43074


                     Saturday, November 11th


                                                                   2010 BOYS & GIRLS

10:00 AM

                                               2011, 2012, 2013 BOYS & GIRLS

11:15 AM 



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Category 3

Competitive Stage (U15—U19)

This stage allows the player to ask themselves, “What kind of player am I?” or “What kind of player do I want to be?”
The competitive stage allows the player to apply the fundamentals of soccer, their coordination, and their understanding of the game, in a competitive environment.

It is for those aspiring to play at Division I or Division II college and/or professional level

In this stage, Players will focus on technical proficiency, maturity, discipline, and fitness in order to reach a higher level of play.
They will gain game insights and individual responsibility (game management) for improving his/her game.
This is only possible through the practice of global exercises where variables, such as the ball, adversary, space, and teammates.

Training Focus:

  • Player development/coordination, perfect technique, tactics, extensive endurance recovery power, explosive power, speed agility quickness (SAQ), and strength
  • 1v1 4v4 6v6 8v8 11v11

U15 (2009) – U18 (2006)

Address: 555 Old 3C Road, Sunbury, Ohio 43074


                                                       Saturday, November 11th   
                                              2008, 2009, 2010 Boys & Girls 10:00 AM
                                                2006/2007 NPL BOYS ONLY  12:30 PM
Sign Up Now - U15-U16 (Boys & Girls) & U17/18 BOYS ONLY


Blast FC holds highest standards when it comes to training methodology and pushing our players to achieve their full potential. From the youngest age groups to our oldest teams, our coaches and professional staff create the best environment for soccer and personal development.

Every year we travel to the biggest showcases and participate in regional and national competitions. Blast FC brand is recognized all over the States and we are proud of that.



Each player’s skills are assessed, his physical performance is tested, playing under pressure, and experiencing the professional soccer training.


  • Competitive team 
  • Professional licensed coaching staff
  • Professional care and guidance
  • Higher level leagues, Tournaments/Showcases, games, winter training in the off season, opportunities to develop and grow as a player and club owned facilities…

After graduating from Blast FC

Players will know if they can continue to play at the professional, DI, DII or DIII level.

Successful Players

Blast FC has had more than 500 players who have advanced to play soccer at NCAA DIV 1, DIV 2, DIV 3, NAIA, and Ivy League colleges and universities.

Here Are A Few Names Of Our Former Successful Players


  • Nick Thesllof
    PSV Eindhoven, UCLA-National Champion, MLS, Assistant Coach-Toronto FC
  • Martin Forman
    Ohio Wesleyan University-National Champion, Currently Coaching-BLAST FC U11-U12 Team
  • Chris Leitch
    University of North Carolina-National Champion, MLS, Coaching Staff: San Jose Earthquakes
  • Danny O’Rourke
    Indiana University-National Champion, MLS
  • David Flavius
    MLS, National Team: Saint Lucia
  • Leslie Fitzpatrick
    MLS, National Team: Trinidad & Tobago


  • Megan Wharton
    USWoman’s Beach Soccer National Team
  • Kayla Klosterman
    National Championship D2 Grand Valley University
  • Maria Brown
    National Championship D2 Grand Valley University
  • Irie Dennis
    National Championship D2 Grand Valley University
  • Brittany Persaud
    WPSL, Women’s National Team: Guyana, Dutch Team:ADO DEN HAAG, KNVB Women’s Cup winner, Coach: Guyana Women’s
    National Team
  • Jenn Holton
    Ohio Dominican University, Pro League In Iceland, Assistant Coach: Ohio Dominican University


Our highly qualified coaches




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