JULY 22, 2021

We have very exciting news!

Romeo Jozak, Ph.D.

We are delighted to announce that the Blast FC owner, Romeo Jozak, has signed a contract for the position of Football Technical Director of the Ministry of Sports of Saudi Arabia.
He will be in charge of the project of developing their football players.
Romeo’s job will take place managing the development of players between the Ministry of Sports,  clubs of Saudi Arabia, and development camps on the territory of Spain, but also training and playing all across Europe. Romeo will be the main man for the development strategy and operation of the project.
Our new Blast FC owner has already worked in the Middle East as the coach of Kuwait National Team. However, his expertise in his carrier was also organizing and managing the development of players, clubs, academies, and associations (Dinamo Zagreb, Legia Warsaw, Croatian Football Federation, European Club Association, UEFA).
Romeo’s new role will also bring a new extra benefit to our Club!!
New training methodologies, training, and playing opportunities, new networking and marketing platforms, are only few things that our Club and players will benefit from.
Romeo will of course keep staying in touch with Blast staff on daily basis, coming to Columbus as often as possible, but also providing increased opportunities for our Blast teams and players in Europe.

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