MARCH 11, 2022

We have very exciting news!

Football for Friendship (F4F) is the international children’s social Program established 2013. The Program aims to develop youth soccer by championing youth sport and a healthy lifestyle as well as promoting tolerance among representatives of different cultures and nationalities. Participants of the Program – Young soccer players and young journalists – boys and girls 12–16-year-old, including children with special abilities. Representing different countries and cultures, young football players are uniting in mixed teams and prove by their own example that nationality, gender and physical ability are not a barrier to play in one team. Young journalists cover events of the Program in the International Children’s Press Center.

All the participants are given the status of the young ambassadors and coming home, they continue to share the experience and promote human values – friendship, equality, fairness, health, peace, devotion, victory, traditions, and honor.

During 9 seasons more than 6000 kids from 211 countries and regions have joined Football for Friendship, more than 5 billion people took part in sports, educational and ecological events of the Program throughout the world. Football for Friendship (F4F) is supported by FIFA, UEFA, Olympic and Paralympic Committee, football federations, children’s foundations, hundreds of famous athletes, and thousands of journalists around the globe. The Program is honored with many international and national awards in the field of social responsibility, sports and communications.

This year the Program takes place in Paris, France from May 24 to May 29. During that period players and coaches will participate in numerous activities and attend the Champions League finals on May 28, 2022. The Program required for Blast FC to choose three young players and one coach who will attend the Program.

Our players will be accompanied by one of our coaches.

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