JULY 29, 2021

We have very exciting news!

As you all already know, three of our players are going to Croatia on the European Tryouts and we asked a couple of questions about themselves and the expectations from the European Tryouts so our Blast FC community could get to know the players better and follow them on their journey on our social media channels.

Once they come back to the States, they will share their impressions so we can see if the level of soccer in Croatia matched their expectations.


When were you born?

Eben: 5/24/2004

Dylan: 9/21/2004

Kevin: 11/20/2002

What is the club you are currently playing for?

Eben: Blast FC

Dylan: Blast FC

Kevin: I am looking for my opportunities in Croatia.

Which age group you play for?

Eben: U18 (2004)

Dylan: U18 (2004)

Kevin: Senior level

What was the reason you started playing soccer?

Eben: All my siblings played soccer and we all played and watched soccer together

Dylan: Our elementary school had a lot of kids that liked to play soccer at recess, so me wanting to join my friends, I had started playing at recess. Not even a week goes by and I’m running to my parents asking to play soccer for a legitimate team.

Kevin: Where I come from soccer is all we had; it was part of our lifestyle.

Is there a coach or athlete that you look up to as a role model and why?

Eben: I watch, and study, and learn, from every coach and player I can

Dylan: When I first started to like soccer, I went to a local crew game and watched Jairo Arrieta who had played in my position at the time. After liking him, I had used the number 25 until I had found out about Cristiano Ronaldo and quickly switched to him being my idol player for his talent and play style. I quickly changed my number to 7 for Ronaldo and it being a family number. After my offensive run, I decided I liked defense a little more. Finding out about Virgil Van Dijk and his play style, it was very similar to the play style I had. I currently like to watch him, and Giorgio Chiellini as Giorgio also has the aggressive defensive play style.

Kevin: The coach I look up to as a role model is Lesh because he helped me to become the player I am today and even a better person.

Which strengths do you believe you have that make you a great athlete?

Eben: Great understanding of the game, distribution, reactions, communication, footwork and handling

Dylan: I’m quick to pick up on newly learned talents, I have a huge amount of dedication and drive to be better at every aspect, I’m gifted to have the understanding and knowledge it takes to be a top-level athlete.

Kevin: Inner desire to succeed, self-discipline, intelligence

Which areas you would like to improve to play soccer even better?

Eben: Playing with my weak foot, strength, judging the flight of the ball

Dylan: I would like to improve my patience on the ball and my technique on the ball.

Kevin: I would like to improve in every aspects of my game.

What do you expect to get from the European Tryouts?

Eben: Great training and playing, good coaching and instruction

Dylan: I expect to be pushed to my absolute best and learn what it takes to play professionally in Europe. I expect to see top level players and coaches from a level I have not yet to see yet.

Kevin: A professional contract.

Our players are going to GNK Dinamo Zagreb Academy – a professional soccer academy which has produced and is still producing some of the best soccer players in the world – Luka Modric, Mateo Kovacic, Mario Mandzukic, Dominik Livakovic and the list goes on.

You can find more information on their official webpage: https://gnkdinamo.hr/

We have prepared all the details for our players’ arrival: accommodation, meals, training equipment, scheduling etc. Our guys will be staying in a 4* hotel Internacional.

You can take a look at the link below:


At the time of their stay, Memorial Tournament Mladen Ramljak will take place at GNK Dinamo Zagreb academy facilities. The teams which will play at the tournament include CF Real Madrid U19 team, FC Feyenoord U19 and many more.

Our players will get the opportunity to see the best academies in action, their style of play and the quality of the matches.

We all know they will give their best at every practice and match. We believe our guys will enjoy the time in Croatia and experience what it means to practice at the highest level.

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