AUGUST 19, 2021

Read the European Tryouts Experience from our players!

Eben Dewhurst:

“I really enjoyed my time in Croatia.

The city of Zagreb and the culture there was very cool and fun.
Matej made sure we had good accommodations and that everything we needed was taken care of.

The training that we were immersed in at GNK Dinamo Zagreb was extremely high level, fast paced, and intense.

We had one to two training sessions a day and while it was intense, the coaches made sure they were properly taking care of all the players and not pushing anyone too hard.

It was a great experience, and I am very grateful to Romeo Jozak, Matej, GNK Dinamo Zagreb, and Blast FC for giving me this opportunity to train and prove myself.”


Dylan Stephens:

“My time in Croatia was easily the best experience I’ve ever had connected with soccer. I had gotten there a day early of our first training so we took a look at the training grounds. Just by the look of the whole area for GNK Dinamo was insane.

Many fields, huge stadium, turf fields and nice grass, futsal court, and more. That’s when I actually knew how serious this was. When we got to our first training and was starting to meet the guys, they had huge respect for us and greeted us nicely and they had started a game of teqball.

Watching them play, it was some of the best technique and skill I had ever witnessed. I realized for the first time how European soccer will always be better.

Trainings were very serious and everyone was there to work and get better. Players were very consistent, their bad days were still top level skill and it just continued to amaze me. When we weren’t training, we would like to go to the city center or find some local stores for snacks which was a nice walk.

Something that was a huge difference from the United States and Croatia was the culture. When we were all out in the city center around 10pm until about 12pm, there was still tons of people out sitting at restaurants talking and still enjoying themselves even though it was very late.

I was very pleased with my experience and I greatly feel that I’ve brought back some talent that will be incorporated into my play to better myself on the field!”


Our players now have that precious experience of playing in a professional environment and have the guidelines on how to improve and become a better soccer player.

Blast FC will continue providing opportunities for our players because we see a lot of potential in them.


Go Blast!

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